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Lower Suction Dentures

We are very excited to introduce Lower Suction Dentures to Bajic Denture Clinic. We are the first and only Denture Clinic practicing this new technique in fabricating dentures in the surrounding area.

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  • Look 20 Years Younger With Proper Dentures

  • What is particularly impressive is the dedication that this group brings to their patients, dedication in the form of never being satisfied until perfection is achieved, whatever it takes. I am particularly happy that their work is guaranteed for 5 years. I have personally experienced this dedication and perfection and I wholeheartedly recommend the Bajic Dental Clinic to you. You will be satisfied as I am, and it doesn’t even hurt...


  • The clinic was and is immaculate and has a calming atmosphere, when honestly my nerves were going haywire. Upon meeting Nada, she took the time to explain every step and from that moment on, I knew she cared. Getting dentures is no easy experience. Kirsten the lab technician is an awesome woman, right from my first impressions. She was able to put amazing dentures together and give me a beautiful smile!! Thank you always...


  • Thank you, thank you, thank you from my smile to Nada and her team at Bajic Denture Clinic. I could not be more pleased with the care I received. From Cindy's cheery smile that greeted me at the door to Nada's expert care as she guided me kindly and professionally throughout the whole process of getting my new dentures. From day one I knew I was in good hands and Cindy even coordinated the appointments with my dentist for extractions etc. My new teeth are just wonderful, they fit so well and for the first time in forty years I an smile with teeth that look like my original ones. To say the least I am a happy customer.

    Bernice Patterson

  • Recently I required new dentures. I went to the Bajic Denture Clinic and was more than pleased at the service I received. Along with a comprehensive explanation of everything it would entail it included a reasonable price. When I received my new dentures I was shocked! I thought my old dentures were OK but when I felt the new dentures I was totally amazed. Not only were they comfortable fitting but were painless. They felt great from the start and I was singing at the Askenonia 2.5 hours later. They no longer look like denures and actually look like real teeth. To add to this was the courtesy and humor of the support staff. I add my special thanks and appreciation to Nada, Cindy and Shelly.

    Wayne Ferris

  • Just a few words to let you know how you have changed my life. Before I met you I was always depressed, felt fat, ugly and did not like myself. Having no teeth is very traumatizing. I would always say to peole I would love to get a part time job and just MAYBE find someone to share my life with. Well I think now there is a chance that my dreams can come true. If I look good and feel good about what I see when I look in the mirror, anything can happen. I LOVE my new smile and it makes me happy to see the difference how my appearance has changed. Like your logo says "Life is too short to go without a smile ", I love my smile. So thank you for changing my life and giving me a chance to smile again. Having a pretty smile does make a difference. PS: Your staff is very understanding, they make you feel good about yourself. You have a nice office when you go there you feel at home. Thank you Bajic Denture Clinic

    Tammy Fletcher

  • Dear Nada, Thank you and your staff for the nice dentures you made for me. I am very happy with them.

    Peter Kuhnen

  • Nada was very kind and professional. She offered me a few options on what steps to take. Once the impressions were done for my dentures, it only took a few visits for her to be sure my dentures were fitted completely and looking amazing. I was so impressed with the overall experience and feel better about my smile and my new found confidence. I have already recommended Nada and her team to my friends and family...


  • "What a Break". My old pair of teeth are unfixible. I need a new pair, my choice for a Denturist is the office of Nada Bajic. This denture clinic makes you feel as if you are number 1. The atmosphere is calming, you feel welcomed. The music is soft and great, not too loud. They are very friendly. I would recommend this clinic highly. My old smile, you could only see my bottom teeth, but now...WOW I have a big beautiful smile with teeth like I used to have before dentures for the first time. Thank you so very much, a big hug to you.

    Irene Robitaille

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