About Lower Suction Dentures

We are very excited to introduce Lower Suction Dentures to Bajic Denture Clinic. We are the first and only Denture Clinic practicing this new technique in fabricating dentures in the surrounding area.

This technique began in Japan with a Prosthodontist Dr. Jiro Abe. After extensive experimentation and x-rays taken it has come down to the science of how to create a seal for the lower denture, just like there is a seal for the complete upper denture. The combination of highly specialized equipment, materials and improved relation with the harmony of the mouth muscles we have truly achieved remarkable results.

With this new way of fabricating dentures we are able to provide a lower denture that stays in the mouth and does not become loose with eating of speaking. These dentures are ideal for patients who are having difficulties with loose dentures and are looking for a better solution.