Immediate Dentures—A Quick Overview

Senior man with immediate denturesMany people delay tooth extraction despite the pain because they are concerned about the time they will have to spend without teeth. Thankfully, there is a solution available, known as immediate dentures that can eliminate having to spend any time without teeth. Not sure if you are a candidate for immediate dentures? Our professional team of specialists at Bajic Dentures in Midland can find the solution that is right for you. We will walk you through your teeth replacement options and listen to your concerns to find the perfect solution that is tailored to your oral healthcare needs and lifestyle. You can rest assured that you will be fitted with dentures that are comfortable and feel natural. Chewing, smiling, speaking; you can do it all with confidence and be free from pain and discomfort.

What Are Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures are a great solution to avoid disrupting your schedule and adjusting your mouth to the feeling of having no teeth. While the healing process will remain a necessary part of tooth extraction, having immediate dentures will allow you to avoid any intermediary time spent toothless. Here’s how these dentures work:

  • What they are: These dentures can be either partial or complete. They are distinct because they are created before tooth extraction and thus can be inserted and used immediately after the natural teeth have been removed.
  • How the process works: The dentures are created by making a mold of your natural teeth while they are still in your mouth. They will be prepared before extraction and placed inside your mouth immediately after. They act as a protective layer on your gum tissues and can help reduce bleeding after the procedure.
  • What are the advantages: As the name states, the timing of dentures is the biggest advantage. Additionally, getting immediate dentures made will improve your ability to speak with dentures and minimize the facial distortion that can sometimes occur with tooth removal. They will also eliminate the need to adjust to a new set of dentures after getting used to being toothless.
  • What are the disadvantages: Cost is the biggest disadvantage of immediate dentures. They also cannot be seen before being inserted, and so they may require additional adjustments to fit as accurately as a conventional denture. These adjustments cannot be made right away, as the tissue may shift once the gums and tissues have fully healed.

Female patient visitng a dentist for immediate denturesBajic Dentures offers a wide variety of denture services and will provide the right tooth replacement solution for your individual needs. Trust our team of dental professionals for their years of experience and expertise in the latest oral health techniques and technologies. From high quality dentures all the way through to dedicated follow-up care, get high quality dentures and services that are affordable, fast and friendly.

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