Dental Services

A Full Range of Services with Satisfaction Guaranteed

Bajic Denture Clinic provides extensive dental services for a wide range of patient needs and personal or lifestyle preferences.  These services encompass various aspects of denture therapy within the spectrum of:

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Whatever the need and regardless of your age, you can rest assured that our capable team at Bajic Denture Clinic has the skills and expertise to deliver the services you need with the level of satisfaction you deserve.

Manufacturing and Fitting

There are several different types of denture solutions that can be custom manufactured and fit to address your various needs and preferences as well as your budgetary considerations.  The Bajic team would be pleased to discuss any and all of the following options:

Full Dentures


  • premium and high-quality dentures with customized/personalized aesthetics
  • these are precision dentures that give the natural appearance of actual teeth
  • provide the highest degree of comfort and confidence for denture wearers
  • aligned with bone structure to simulate natural movements of the mouth/jaw

Implant Retained Dentures


  • dentures are fastened to implants that have been secured to the jawbone
  • this type of denture most closely resembles the natural teeth
  • implants improve the stability and function (biting, chewing) of the dentures
  • process can be used to replace a single tooth or a completely toothless arch

Removable Partial Dentures


  • customized to replace one or more of the teeth and blend with the remaining teeth
  • help to restore natural appearance and to improve chewing and clarity of speech
  • may be constructed of metal plus acrylic components or an acrylic-only format
  • metal-acrylic partials are considered to be more hygienic and structurally stronger

Immediate Dentures


  • constructed to resemble the natural teeth when those teeth need to be extracted
  • made from an impression taken of the natural teeth before they are extracted
  • allow patients to have new teeth in place on the same day as the extractions occur
  • also serve as a protection for the extraction sites during the healing process

Maintenance and Repair

If your existing dentures are either broken, timeworn, or have become loose or ill-fitting, a full replacement of those dentures may not necessarily be the only course of action.  During a free consultation, we will assess the situation with your current dentures and determine which of the following options may be the best solution moving forward:



  • an entirely new base is made without adjusting/changing the denture surface
  • restores denture stability – patients will be without their dentures for 1-3 days


  • intended to compensate for any post-extraction shrinkage of the jawbone
  • re-establishes a snug fit by adding new material to the base of the denture


  • primarily performed in situations where dentures are cracked or broken
  • one or more full replacement teeth can also be added to an existing denture

Recall Appointments

  • a yearly maintenance visit to assess the look and feel of your dentures
  • includes a professional cleaning, fit/function assessment, and oral cancer screening

Protective Devices

Bajic Denture Clinic will create customized solutions for the purpose of addressing and/or satisfying a specific need or recommendation.  Such solutions include:

The Soft Liner Alternative


  • provides comfort and relief for individuals with severely receded or flat gums
  • consists of a soft cushion added to the base of the denture (thickness of 4 mm)
  • helps relieve mouth sores, gum inflammation, and tissue irritation/sensitivity

Mouth Guards


  • for people of all ages – protect teeth/mouth when participating in sports activities
  • consist of soft plastic and are made to fit comfortably over the upper teeth
  • can also offer protection for the tongue, lips, and cheek lining

Whether you require new dentures, replacement/repair of existing dentures, or a protective device, Bajic Denture Clinic can provide the dental service you need with your satisfaction guaranteed.  Call the Bajic Denture Clinic team today at 705-526-4041 or contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation at your convenience.