About Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a day involves the removal of existing teeth and new teeth immediately placed and fixed on implants. You get to leave the practice with a beautiful new smile with the same or better function then your natural teeth. By improving the function and aesthetics leads to rapid improvement in quality of life. Don’t wait any longer call for your free consultation today!

The all on 4 treatment concept provides patients with an effective and efficient restoration using only 4 implants to support and immediately loaded full arch prosthesis.

Benefits of Having All on 4 Dental Implants

Eat Your Favorite Foods Again

Do you avoid certain foods like a crispy apple, juicy steak or corn on the cob? Most denture wearers will go to a restaurant and search for food they can eat and avoid a lot of them because they just cant bite through the food without the dentures falling out or moving. With all on 4 dental implant solution, complete dentures are more stable and secure and don’t have any movement that conventional dentures do. Then the question you can ask yourself is, “What do I want to eat tonight?”.

Increased Self-Confidence

Have you ever had that embarrassing moment when your dentures flop while speaking to someone? Or just end up removing your dentures at a restaurant to get through the meal and hope that no one noticed?. Unfortunately, many people who wear dentures have felt this. . With all on 4 dental implant solution, you also can have the freedom and worry free of a completely stable and fixed denture. Never worry about loose dentures again!