Why Implant Dentures May Be Right for You

Dentist shows a patient's teethGetting dentures can be a difficult experience for many people. Understanding the different types available and dealing with a new day-to-day reality for your body and oral healthcare can be a difficult adjustment to make. The team of experienced professionals at Bajic Dentures are here to help you. We can determine the right type of dentures for you and your lifestyle, explain proper care options, and make customized dentures that feel comfortable and look natural in your mouth.

If the appearance of your dentures is your primary concern, consider implant retained dentures. Of all the options available, implant retained dentures provide the most realistic looking teeth. With technology that allows dental professionals to colour-match and replicate the shape and unique grooves of your teeth, you won’t even notice the new addition in your mouth – and neither will anyone else!

What You Need to Know About Implant Retained Dentures

Having a strong understanding of the type of dentures you will be receiving will help you prepare for the procedure and get the most out of your consultation with your dentist. Here are the basics about implant retained dentures:

  • What they are: These dentures use bone in the jaw to support implants that attach to a set of dentures. They can provide replacement for a single tooth or entire row of teeth and are most commonly used for the lower jaw.
  • How it works: Implants will be placed in your jaw bone and a thin metal bar or small studs will appear along the gums. This visible metal attachment will securely fit to your set of custom dentures. Typically, two procedures are required along with consultations to assess your needs and bone mass. During the first surgery, implants will be put in your jaw, with temporary dentures provided that limit the amount of pressure on the implants and help accelerate the healing process. The second procedure will expose the top of the implants and permanent dentures will be provided.
  • How long it takes: Due to the invasive nature of these dentures, healing time is required between procedures to allow the implants to fuse to the jawbone. To have your implant retained dentures completed can take anywhere from 5 months to a year.

Advantages of Implant Retained Dentures

Dentures provide many advantages and are a great option to consider for tooth replacement. Benefits of implant retained dentures include:

  • Eliminate adhesives. There is no need to battle with sticky adhesives, pastes, gum or powders since the implant will be permanent.
  • Maintain facial structure. The implant will help to preserve the remaining bone in your jaw, keeping your facial structure full.
  • Minimize wrinkles. Wrinkles that develop around the mouth and jaw can be reduced by maintaining lip-support.
  • Comfort. The implant is very secure and you will adjust to its presence in your mouth quickly. The team of professionals at Bajic Dentures provide personalized denture services and after-care, ensuring your dentures are comfortable now and in the future.
  • Chew with ease. Don’t avoid your favourite foods to deal with discomfort. Implant retained dentures allow you to indulge in whatever you like. Your implant dentures are secure and will feel like normal teeth.

woman smiling in front of a mouth mirrorBajic Dentures can provide the right dentures for your teeth and lifestyle. Our dental professionals have years of experience and expertise in the latest technology. We offer friendly, affordable and efficient dental services and promise you high quality dentures along with dedicated follow-up care.

Implant retained denture services are available at Bajic Dentures. Call us today at (705) 526-4041 for more information.